Sample ScenariosEdit

Curiosity killed the Science OfficerEdit

After a survey of neighbouring systems reveals a planet with valuable fuel resources, you hand-pick a star team to retrieve them so you can keep the lights (and the environmental systems) on. You mission leader is in command. The decisions he makes are defined by his personality traits and your team’s combined skillset.

This leader is an Adventurous Science Officer. As you receive your first mission report, you find out that he couldn’t resist the temptation to explore a cave the team came across on their way to their objective. He is very excited to have encountered a race of giant alien spiders. He takes this opportunity to collect samples and pre-emptively name the species after himself. Then the report seems to cut off prematurely.

Lesson Learned: There’s a time and a place for an adventurous leader. Maybe this wa- WHY WOULD YOU GO INTO THE SPIDER CAVE! WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?! WE NEEDED THAT FUEL AND NOW I NEED TO FIND A NEW SENIOR SCIENCE OFFICER!